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Static Cling Decals

Static cling decaling is in an ideal solution when a decal needs to be temporary or moveable. Static cling decals do not have an adhesive so they easily lift off a surface without leaving residue or damage. Static holds the decal firmly in place on smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramic tile and plastic surfaces.

Our Static cling solution is printed on either white or clear 8 mil vinyl and can be cut to any size or shape desired. We digitally print in single color or full color and can back up these colors with white for reverse viewing applications.

Decal Solutions offers three methods of static cling decaling:

1) Surface application – Viewed from the side of the window or smooth non porous surface on which it is placed. For example, this could be used on a mirrors , windows, and stainless steel surfaces.

2) Reverse application – Placed on the inside of glass to be viewed from the outside. These are often placed on the inside of shop windows or rear windows of cars to protect them from the elements while remaining readable from the outside.

3) Double-sided – These are readable from both sides of a pane of glass.
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