Rub on Transfers

Rub On Transfers

Decal Solutions is the exclusive North American distributor for Rub On Transfers. These four color process decals are heavy metal free, child safe and require no firing. They are extremely durable and dishwasher safe. Rub on transfers are easy to use and require no special equipment to apply them.

Rub On Transfers are an ideal solution when you can't pad print, screen print or direct print. They are extremely high quality decals produce with a rounded surface at the edges so they can't be peeled away like most types of decals. They give the appearance of a direct printed image without background color or clear film residue. Rub On Transfers are can be created in a spot color, four color process, or on gold or silver foil.

Rub On Transfers are offset printed and available in the following finishes:
 •Flat smooth gloss finish
 •Flat smooth matt finish
 •Embossed finish
 •Gold or silver foil finish
 •Holographic finish
 •Satin etch finish

Rub On Transfers are perfect for decorating ceramic mugs and steins, wall tiles, glass products including barware, wine and liquor bottles, cosmetics containers, high-end candle containers, stainless steel, plastic, acrylic, Nalgene, or wood products.

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