Domed Decals


Doming gives your labels a domed 3D appearance and adds to the perceived value of the product they are applied to.

Domed decals can be produced with 3M permanent adhesives to make them the most durable labels available. Dome decal do not show wear because the clear polyurethane substance is self-healing. Minor scratches or cuts heal themselves and the label looks like new once again.

Equipment manufacturers apply domed decals as permanent marking for their products as they are durable and their three-dimensional appearance adds value to their products.

 •Dome decals are printed on white or colored vinyl and on gold and silver foils.
 •Doming gives your labels a 3-D appearance
 •Dome decals are very durable and does not show wear
 •Dome decals can be produced with 3-M adhesives for outdoor applications.
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